Global Best OGM Company

Unrelenting innovation to increase production efficiency and quality.

Our smart factory boasts an automated logistic system that maximizes production efficiency.
We have separate establishments for skincare and makeup production to maintain the highest quality reflecting the characteristics of each product type.
We also guarantee customer satisfaction by customizing our production process to reflect client requests.

CPS system
CPS (Cosmecca Production System) is a production system unique to Cosmecca
Korea that provides inclusive management for the entire manufacturing and
production process that efficiently utilizes production resources.
of production
and manufacturing
Simplify and standardize
production to reduce lead
time and more quickly es-
tablish a standardized
production system.
Electronic record
of production
Introduction of systemized
distribution and production
management to ensure qua-
lity and to increase produc-
tion speed of new products.
Established simple auto-
mation system for quality
control to increase cost-
efficiency of production.
Smart factory
Established smart production
factory by realizing automatic
logistics based on digital and
automatic solutions.

We offer a smart, integrated production system that maximizes
production efficiency and that is customized for each processing step.

of raw ingredients
and materials
Stocking of raw ingredients and materials
  • ① Only ingredients and materials that pass inspection and testing as compared to standard samples are registered
  • ② Transparent stock and logistics management by operating a WMS system that oversees the entire logistics center.
  • ③ Barcode system maximizes efficiency and credibility of logistic management.
  • ① Production management system utilizes POP weighing methods that use barcodes to minimize errors.
  • ② Production steps per lot are performed through data management and analysis via POP production system.
  • ① An ERP system plus integrated management and POP systems for the entire line enables real-time production monitoring and flexibility for immediate reactivity, maximizing the factory’s delivery rate.
  • ② Maintains high-standard quality control by performing comparison tests to standard samples, and by observing safety and sanitary management standards.
Completed products
  • ① Automated, self-operating smart system using AGV transports completed products through the logistics system.
  • ① Clients can pick the date of shipment and the location of delivery through our pre-delivery notification system. We also provide information on the progress in conjunction with the client’s schedule to reduce confusion.

Policy and Goals

As an expert cosmetic developer and manufacturer with the goal of becoming
a “Global OGM Company”,
we stand beside the following quality policies and goals to deliver service
and quality that can be trusted by clients. The following is the basis of our quality goals
and quality control management.
  • 1 Deliver the highest quality product and consumer satisfaction via the quality control system that satisfies international standards for the entire process including design, production, management, storage, and shipment.
  • 2 Establish a complex quality test system to prevent human errors and quality problems arising from microbial issues to cross- contamination.
  • 3 Establish a management system for the entire company that reflects the related regulations and quality system requirements. Maintain and continue to improve the system.
  • 4 Evaluate performance via an internal audit structure and perform appropriate training and education to ensure understanding and implementation of quality control and effective use of the management system by all employees.
  • 5 Establish and recognize the importance of the quality control system in order to become the Best Global OGM Company.


  • One-stop
    claim service
    Upon receiving customer claims on products or services, we take immediate measures to address the situation and to make improvements under the supervision of our execu tives.
  • Regular quality
    The causes and solutions for claims are reviewed, and preventive measures are established.
  • Awards for
    product quality
    Employees who achieve ZERO claims are awarded in order to boost motivation to actively improve quality.
  • Quality
    Employees indicate their names on the product box to prevent poor quality products being sent on to the next step of the proce ss and to encourage active quality inspections.
  • Leader patrol
    All production sites and factories are inspected daily to eradicate every factor that might decrease quality and production efficiency.