Make the world beautiful, Create with clients

Cosmecca Korea is an expert in research & development and manufacturing
of skincare products, with the goal of becoming a cosmetic mecca.
We work together with global client companies.

We provide high-quality products that
maximize client satisfaction
based on our years
of knowhow in research and development.

With the goal of becoming a global company,
we will grow together with our international
partners to make the world beautiful.

Real Innovation

Cosmecca, the global leader,
will lead the future development
of the cosmetics industry.

Introduction of Company

Company Name Industry CEO Founded Operation began IPO on KOSDAQ
Cosmecca korea Co.,Ltd. Skincare R&D and
Cho Im-rae,
Park Eun-hee
1999. 10. 05 2000. 05. 12 2016. 10. 28

Core capacities

R&D Innovation
With technology and innovative ideas, we have the global market competitiveness needed to lead the industry.
Global Network Setup
We have established global networks and offices from which our international partners can research their target market and launch their products.
Enhanced QCDS
We guarantee customer satisfaction by completing the order on time and by providing the highest quality products at a reasonable price.
Social Responsibility
We aim for sustainable corporate activity in consideration of the next generation and contribute to society through diverse projects.
Make the world beautiful
I am Cho Im-rae.
COSMECCA KOREA has grown into the top cosmetic ODM company in Korea due to its insistence on high quality and
our outstanding quality control system since we were established in 1999. Now, our goal is to become a global R&D
and manufacturing/production company, and to lead trends by reflecting consumer needs and collaborating
with global partners.

COSMECCA KOREA has achieved success with our innovative technology. We will continue to invest in R&D in the future to achieve further growth.

Moreover, we promise to prioritize corporate social responsibility based on our philosophy that “a corporation that creates beauty must grow beautifully.”

COSMECCA KOREA hopes to develop together with clients, executives, shareholders, and partners as they support and believe in us.

CEO Cho Im-rae

With clients, we walk the right path,
not the quick path.

We promise transparency and credibility by adhering to all regulations, and
making decisions
and operating based on our business philosophy of transparent management,
creative management, and knowledge management.

We will walk the path of synergy and collaboration with our partners. We will continue to
collaborate within the industry, with research institutions, and with academia to enhance the competitiveness
of the cosmetic industry and to achieve mutual growth.

  • Mission
    Become the world’s best cosmetic
    technology provider
    via continuous development
  • Vision

    Global Best OGM Company

    OGM (Original Global standard and Good Manufacturing)

  • Business
    Transparent Management
    Creative Management
    Knowledge Management
  • Core
    Create value
    for the client
    global talent
    and experts

Cosmecca Korea’s CI reflects the company’s purpose and determination
to become a star of the global cosmetic industry, shining alongside
other internationally recognized brands.

CI, symbol, and color represent the philosophy and direction of the company
that Cosmecca Korea pursues.
  • Primary Identity
  • Second Identity
    ※ Unauthorized changes or modifications to Cosmecca Korea’s CI impact the company’s value
    ※ We recommend using the logos carefully in accordance with the standardized shape, proportion, and colors.
    The simple, navy font symbolizes our ambition to enter the global market, as well as our technology and
    mobility as a leader in the cosmetic industry. The green CI symbol represents vitality, while the star embodies
    Cosmecca Korea’s goal of becoming a star of the global cosmetic market.
  • Alternative colors
  • Color system
    • pantone 362C
      C65  M10  Y90  K0
    • pantone 360C
      C42  M5  Y62  K5
    • pantone 648C
      C100  M100  Y0  K10
    • pantone
      Cool Gray 9C
      C0  M0  Y0  K65